Zooming into Global Health

The following post was written by Halle V. She is a member of the 2020-21 leadership team! Shout out to her for writing this awesome post about our meeting Friday afternoon!

Due to the school cancellation and other distancing measures as a result of coronavirus, our club had its meeting over a video call using the program Zoom. This virtual meeting provided the opportunity for students from other schools to attend (Thanks for coming, Alexa and Hannah!) Considering the effects of this virus has on everyone’s lives, this week’s meeting was on Global Health. Kathryn addressed the meaning of the term “global health,” the United Nations agencies involved with targeting global health concerns, specific targets for combatting disease (SDGs), the impact of a lack of accessible healthcare, and the state of coronavirus.

Here are some highlights from Kathryn’s slideshow regarding global health:

One of the important agencies, the World Health Organization, has been combatting international global health concerns since 1948. Here are some of the issues the organization has fought:

To place global health in a modern context, we discussed the coronavirus pandemic and the sheer amount of affected areas (A total of 168 territories and countries are affected, and confirmed cases are at 209,839!):

We ended our meeting with an open discussion on our thoughts on the measures taken for coronavirus and the unity it has created online, even during isolation, and the possibility of expanding Doctors without Borders. On a more general level, we discussed our thoughts on universal healthcare, emphasizing the importance of mental health resources and women’s healthcare. This may not be the last virtual meeting, so stay tuned for more information! Hope to see you, during isolation or not!

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