What is the Girl Scout Gold Award?

At this point in my project, I have talked with many people outside of the Girl Scout community, and I often find myself having to explain what the Girl Scout Gold Award project is. This blog post is intended to fill these gaps and to inform about the Girl Scout Gold Award project.

From GSUSA: “Open only to girls in high school, the Girl Scout Gold Award is the most prestigious award in the world for girls—and the most difficult to earn—and it’s only available to Girl Scouts. As a Gold Award Girl Scout, you’re challenged to change the world—or at least your corner of it.” 

The requirements to earn the GS Gold Award include a minimum of 80 hours dedicated to a sustainable Take Action project. The sustainable key is the pinnacle feature of the Gold Award, this is a rare requirement for projects of similar proportions and ensures that Girl Scouts earning their Gold Award are genuinely making the world a better place.

The Seven Steps to Earning the Girl Scout Gold Award:

1. Identify an issue

2. Investigate your issue thoroughly

3. Get help and build your team

4. Create a plan

5. Present your plan and gather feedback

6. Take action

7. Educate and inspire

As you can see, earning the Girl Scout Gold Award is a timely process. After intricate and passionate work, a Gold Award Girl Scout has reached a monumental moment in her life, so the next time you encounter a girl who has earned or is working towards their GS Gold Award, congratulate her, as only 5.4% of eligible Girl Scouts go on to achieve this capstone project.

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