What does Global Lens mean to you?

When I was working on creating a proposal to expand Global Lens Club, I asked members to share some thoughts about what Global Lens club means to them. Here are some of the things that they wrote:

“Global Lens feels like it should have always been a part of HHS. It's a place to learn about topics you've always cared about - for me, that was access to education - and topics you never thought of prior - that was global access to proper healthcare. You can't get anything done without knowing about the problem, so being part of Global Lens is integral in making sure HHS students understand. It's a club that incentivises learning, and one that inspires action.”

-Declan Sanders, HHS 2019

“The Global Lens Club has provided Hendersonville High School students with the opportunity to become well versed in global issues. Before I started attending Global Lens Club, I, unfortunately, was not up to date on the issues in the world, or even in the community. I knew the overall issues that the UN focused on, but I had never gone into depth on them or looked for feasible ways to help. Being a part of the Global Lens Club has opened my eyes to problems that I have the ability to start helping to fix. So many people, especially young people, never realize their ability to raise awareness for issues and have a voice in the solutions. Global Lens Club has given HHS students the ability to talk to one another about issues and participate in community outreach.”

- Hannah Postlethwait, HHS 2020

“I enjoy being in the Global Lens Club because it helps me learn about issues in the world. I look forward to being in this club for the rest of my high school years. I believe that every school should have a Global Lens Club.”

-Maxwell Goble, HHS 2022

“Being a new student, Global Lens Club has been one of the best experiences for me. It was a place to meet new people and talk about global issues. The fact that we could talk our minds about global issues in a safe place made it all the better. It was a place where we could communicate and discuss without hate or biases. It showed me the opinions of others and even changed some of my own opinions. I want to be a teacher in the future, and this is the exact type of club that I would want my students to partake in. A club that is safe, fun, and brings new thoughts upon young minds. A club that could, for all we know, make a difference in the world.”

-Maddi Holbert, HHS 2020

“The Global Lens Club has not only made me a more educated, worldly citizen but has stirred a newfound passion in me to work for others in need. While I may never meet these people face-to-face, combined human effort to accomplish the betterment of others benefits us all. Global Lens has, for this past year, for my last year as a high-schooler, has done unto me what I hope to do unto others; inspire change, integrate meaningful conversations in the most meaningless of places, and ensure that the betterment of people and the environment is always at the forefront, never hindsight.”

-Caitlin Bell, HHS 2019

“Being a part of the Global Lens Club has been an amazing experience! The club explores topics that are barely touched upon in traditional high school courses, which makes it a truly unique experience. Beyond the knowledge gained, the service projects bring a truly global connection and the opportunity to positively impact Henderson County. The projects cover a wide range of topics so we can enact change in education, the environment, and world hunger. Through this club I feel like I am growing as a global citizen and steward of the world.”

-Alexa Goble, HHS 2019

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