Water, Water, Water!

This post was written by Halle Vazquez.

This week, our club discussed the sixth Sustainable Development Goal, or SDG, which was clean water and sanitation. These are not concerns many of us face in our community unless a power outage shuts off someone’s water, but even this is still not similar to the conditions in other communities. The lack of clean water and sanitation is still a major issue worldwide and many of the smaller goals within this SDG’s plan still have not been reached. Here are some of Kathryn’s slides explaining the goal and key terms surrounding it, as well as the severity of the issue.

To end the meeting, Kathryn asked questions to club members on how they would each handle not having water, as this was not a concern many of us faced. We also realized the disparity in the amount of water we use, for the average person in the U.S. being 80-100 gallons a day, compared to those in countries with less access. Not having access to clean water has a negative impact on so many lives, and the simplest way we, as students, can help is to educate ourselves.

If you missed this meeting, our next is on April 17th. Each meeting is still over Zoom, so if you know anyone from another school that would be interested, invite them! Hope to see you there!

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