Survey Says...

Before the club’s first meeting, I assembled a Beginning of Year Survey to asses the Global Awareness of the members of the Global Lens Club. Some of the responses were surprising, and some of them were very thought-provoking. I thought it would be beneficial for me to share some of them with you. Just for background information, 14 members responded to the survey.

Grade Breakdown: 7.1% Freshman. 14.3 % Sophomore , 50% Junior , 28.6% Senior

An overwhelming majority of those who filled out the survey were females, 85.7%.

The answers to the question, “What led you to join this club?” ranged from comedic to serious. Some of my favorite answers were:

  • “I was voluntold."

  • “You duh."

  • “You convinced me in Fresh Market.”

  • “I think being a part of this club will provide me a solid worldly education that I can help share with others.”

  • “It sounded like a great club and had an interesting, eye-opening presence.”

One question I asked was, how would you rate your awareness of Global Issues? I asked this question on a scale of 1-10 and I am pleased to report that 4 was the lowest answer choice! The majority (6) responded at level 6. By the end of the year I hope to facilitate growth for everyone to be at level 10!

Where do you acquire your information on Global Issues? This question was necessary because the source of one's information can often impact their views. The results are mapped below.

Some other questions I asked were: “How often do you recycle? How concerned are you about water pollution? When people get involved in trying to solve environmental problems, how often do you think they make things better? Should the United States government's laws restricting pollution be more strict, less strict, or about as strict as they are now?” These responses to this all implied a worldview among Global Lens Club members. They all reported that they recycle frequently, are concerned about water pollution, think that people can have an impact on environmental problems, and that the US government should be “much more strict,” on laws regarding pollution.

I asked the question, “Which area interests you the most?” This question was primarily for me to see if there was an overwhelming direction the focus of the Global Lens Club should take, and the results were divided evenly among Social Justice, Ecological, Life and People. A graph below shows these results.

When asked, 85.7% of Global Lens Club reported that they think they can make a moderate impact on the world.

The final question I asked was, “What do you hope to gain from this organization?”, some of the results are listed below.

  • Knowledge

  • More awareness of Global Issues and an impact on the community

  • More awareness of what is happening in the world and to make a difference

  • Knowledge of how to appropriately affect and influence change.

  • See the world through a new pair of eyes.

  • Awareness about the world around me and getting out of my comfort zone

  • Become a better citizen to help “make the world a better place.”

  • A new awareness of ideas and concepts I haven’t thought of.

The results of this survey provided me with insight on the passions of Global Lens Club members and will assist me in planning future events and projects.

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