Posters and Fairs and Meetings, Oh My!

September 15, 2018 -Kathryn Thomas

It has been a monumental week for the Global Lens Club and my Gold Award Project. I began this week Saturday night by hitting the significant 80-hour mark, reaching the minimum hour requirement for the Girl Scout Gold Award. This accomplishment was gratifying, especially since I reached this mark before the first meeting.

Over the weekend Alexa and I created the poster board for the clubs fair and the Global Lens Club Instagram page (@globallensclub) and worked on spreading the word among the student body of HHS. I was so excited every time someone texted me or saw me in the halls and told me how excited they were to join the Global Lens Club.

Sunday night consisted of finalizing the flyers, driving to Walmart to acquire colored paper, and then printing 20 copies of the Global Lens Club flyer. Monday morning I arrived at school early, and Alexa and I hung several flyers up all around the school.

During both lunches on Tuesday, the clubs fair commenced on the green space at HHS. We had a colorful display that attracted almost 40 students to sign up showing their interest. This outcome is far more extensive than I had ever anticipated, after doing a few calculations I learned that this was roughly 4.5% of the student body! The response was far beyond my expectations, and it was such a rewarding feeling after having spent over 80 hours planning and preparing.

Thursday night I completed the final touches to prepare for the first meeting, uploading files to the Google Drive to present at school, creating an agenda, and writing a template for minutes.

Friday morning I woke up early to arrive at school by 7:15. Once I got to Ms. Eblen's room, I set up the presentations on the projector, wrote the social media pages on the board and then waited for my classmates to arrive. There were roughly 15 people when I began the Welcome and Overview at 7:30 and within the next several minutes this number grew to about 30. There were few empty seats in Ms. Eblen's room. The topic of discussion was a general welcome, explanation of the Global Lens Club, and an overview of the SDGs. The message was well received, many classmates and friends told me throughout the day that they enjoyed the meeting and were excited about the upcoming events. After the meeting, I had an overwhelming feeling of excitement and fulfillment.

I am so grateful that this first meeting was such a success and I am incredibly excited for the upcoming year!! This week marks a monumental turning point in my Gold Award Project- from files to forums.

I will be updating this blog with recaps of upcoming meetings, events, and service projects- so stay tuned and subscribe below!

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