Meeting for First Service Project - Little Library!

This morning I had a meeting with those in charge of the Community Garden at my church to discuss the implementation of a Little Free Library on the grounds! They were very excited and immediately in support of my proposal. Everyone thinks that it will really benefit the community that works in the garden.

We discussed placement, design, and supplies. They recommended me a few stores in town that will have the supplies I need at a low cost! I am hoping to get working on the building of the Little Library here shortly.

In order to keep the Little Library ‘global,’ I am hoping to stock it with books about various cultures and other parts of the world. I have also considered including the handouts I have made as to expand the target audience further.

I am excited to get started on the first of three service projects of the year. If you haven’t boughten your sticker yet, please do so now to help support the Little Library!

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