Jeopardy and Kale!!

The most recent Global Lens Club meeting was structured a little bit differently than previous meetings. In efforts to try to handle a group of tired, untalkative peers, I brainstormed various ways to increase engagement at this meeting. After speaking with other Girl Scouts and my parents, I decided to play Jeopardy at this meeting.

Prior to the meeting, I used the handout I had created over the summer to create a Jeopardy game talking about Goal 3 - Good Health and Wellbeing. This game seemed to go over pretty well, teams shared a healthy amount of competition while learning about global issues. Throughout the game, each team was fighting for an unknown prize. I could have chosen candy as this prize, but since the topic of discussion was “Good Health,” I felt that would be slightly hypocritical. So instead, I picked out Kale and Arugula, as a healthy alternative. The winning team was very excited and appreciated their Kale, yet other teams felt that it was too early in the morning for greens (I agree). Overall, I think that the Jeopardy game went over really well and I will definitely be using this medium again!

Congrats to the winning team (Ellie, Madison, Hannah, Katie, and Alexa)!! It sure looks like they are enjoying their kale!

At this meeting, we also had a guest speaker, Dr. Thomas who talked about his experiences working in medicine in developing countries. He also spoke to ways that individuals can make an impact on international healthcare, without even being a medical professional. He discussed the business and administrative side, as well as the engineers that are necessary to develop new medical technology that is more easily accessible in these developing nations. Here is the link to a Ted Talk discussing a needle-free vaccine patch. This technology is crucial as it does not need to be refrigerated and can be reused as it never comes in contact with blood. International medical relief is being revolutionized little by little.

At this meeting on November 2nd, we also took the yearbook picture. For this picture everyone who had ordered a shirt wore theirs. It was such an incredible feeling walking around school seeing everyone wear their Global Lens Club shirt. This project is really starting to take off, and I could not be happier with the outcome!

Twenty-four HHS students in Global Lens Club shirts in a school classroom posing for a yearbook picture.
This is the 2018-2019 Global Lens Club Yearbook Picture!

At upcoming meetings, I have many guest speakers and special activities planned to maintain this increased engagement. I will keep trying to find new ways to deliver information about global issues.

Shout out to Hannah for being amazing and always helping post and get the word out about Global Lens meetings!!

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