Gender Equality and Jeopardy

The Global Lens Club has experienced wintery weather the past month that resulted in two meetings being canceled. To make up for this we met February 28 and discussed Goal 5 - Gender Equality and the upcoming 64th Commission on the Status of Women. I will be attending the 64th Commission on the Status of Women. I talked about the goals of this year's commission, what the Girl Scout Delegation’s priorities are, and how this work impacts the greater vision of gender equality and the completion of the Sustainable Development Goals.

Here is the PowerPoint I showed regarding CSW 64:

After discussing CSW and Goal 5, we played Jeopardy! We had four teams competing for the title Friday morning, and after a long-fought battle - a new winning team emerged!

We all had a great time learning about Gender Equality in an interactive way. Next week's meeting will take place on March 6, just two days before International Women’s Day. If you were around last year, you may remember the infamous Jenga/Lego/MindMap game. It is making a return! Stay tuned for pictures from next week's meeting!

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