Clean Energy and Decent Work

The following blog post was written by Alexa Goble.

We had our first two meetings of 2019 and they have been a great success! Our upcoming projects are quickly approaching. Kathryn shared photos of the progress of the Little Library and we are soon signing up to help with the final touches (painting, shelves, and decorating). Our Rise Against Hunger event and trail clean up are also happening in the next few months. Everyone is so excited!

In the first meeting, we discussed clean energy and used a new game, Kahoot! All of the members had a lot of fun and it was the perfect way to have fun and still learn about the goal. The members broke off into teams to collaborate and the untimed Kahoot created a non-competitive environment for learning. My team won the game! After the game we discussed the impact and importance of clean energy. Everyone learned the massive impact of simple actions such as switching to LED lights or simply turning off lights that aren’t in use. Kathryn shared that her family’s energy bill did not change when they simultaneously converted all of their lights to LED bulbs and started charging an electric car daily. This story showed the true impact of small actions everyone is capable of. Furthermore, we explored the areas that do not have accessible or reliable energy and discussed introducing clean energy to those areas.

In our second January meeting we discussed decent work and economic growth. We returned to the lecture and discussion style we had at the beginning of the year. After a whirlwind week of midterms, there was a small group in attendance, so this worked perfectly. This topic connected to the current government shutdown and furloughed workers, so it hit close to home for many. Ms Eblen introduced the issues of women’s equality in the workplace as well. We discussed ways to promote fair work for traditionally underserved groups (especially women) and ideas for promoting economic growth in developing nations. There was some debate over the relative importance of these improvements in developed versus developing nations. Everyone learned new statistics on economic growth and explored different perspectives.

Both of the January meetings were a huge success and I am so excited for all of the upcoming Global Lens Club events!

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