Celebrating International Women's Day!!!

At our latest Global Lens meeting, we celebrated International Women's Day by playing a game which included Jenga, Legos, Chopsticks, and some mind maps.

Hannah and Madison hold "10" balloons because we are discussing Goal 10 - Reduced Inequalities!

After watching a short video about Gender Equality, and briefly discussing the inequalities that both women and other marginalized peoples face, we split into three teams to begin the game.

To start, each team had to create a list of adjectives that they felt described powerful women, and then design a mind map with the steps that need to be taken to ensure gender equality.

Here is what the teams came up with:

Next, the teams had to use Lego pieces to create something that they believed symbolizes women and their struggle for equality. One team created an E to symbolize equality, another team created a throne, because as Hannah put it, "women are queens." The final team created a heart, out of the smallest pieces of Legos to symbolize love and how the smallest things can leave the largest impact.

The final step was for the teams to play Jenga, but they were only allowed to move the pieces with chopsticks. Each Jenga piece also had a statistic on it that teams were to read aloud as they restacked the pieces.

After 10 minutes, the team with the tallest tower won. Except, little to their knowledge, one team started out with a disadvantage - they were missing pieces - which disabled them to stand a chance at winning. This outraged them. This example was intended to describe the situation that women and other marginalized people live in every day. They inherently start out with much less than everyone else, which makes it nearly impossible to reach as high on the societal ladder.

We ended the game by handing out prizes, which today did not include food, healthy or unhealthy, we shared flower or vegetable seeds. This prize was intended to spread beauty on the earth.

At this meeting, we also had some press coverage from Henderson County Public Schools and the Times News.

Their respective links to the articles are below:

HCPS: http://www.hendersoncountypublicschoolsnc.org/blog/2019/03/08/global-lens-club-observes-international-womens-day/

Times News: https://www.blueridgenow.com/news/20190311/hendersonville-high-student-creates-club-to-focus-on-global-issues?fbclid=IwAR2WOmltnXqlGuk-jaQyTL2XnhCIQr-D5Lhr--ZArMzqPkaDwBeMjA_x7Uo

Global Lens on the front page of the Times News

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