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The following post was written by Halle Vazquez.

Because SDG 9 (Industry, Innovation, and Infrastructure) and SDG 11 (Sustainable Cities and Communities) are related and relatively niche subjects, our club discussed both this past meeting. Even though Kathryn only had forty minutes to cover two goals, our club still had great discussions on how to fund infrastructure and different ways Hendersonville could become a safer space. The issues covered by these goals and the ways funding for them would be obtained directly impacts everybody allowing for deep discussions, eventually diving into ethics.

Here are some of Kathryn’s slides outlining SDG 9 and the importance of the goal:

Our conversation for this topic revolved around improving roads, as they are arguably the most important type of infrastructure in our area, and what the most effective type of public funding would be. We also talked about driverless cars and if the average consumer would be interested in purchasing one, which turned into an interesting discussion of ethics and economics.

These are the slides for SDG 11:

The conversation surrounding SDG 11 specifically targeted Hendersonville, including the city’s unemployment rates, the safety of our neighborhoods, and the number of hospitals within the town, and how to improve these.

This past meeting was packed with information, but everything addressed is and will continue to be relevant to everyone. The sustainability initiatives are important for the survival of the planet, reducing the impacts of climate change, and are important to create safe spaces for the public. Something else mentioned was how advocation is incredibly beneficial to meet these goals, whether that includes writing to local officials or using social media. Especially now, at a time where the coronavirus limits everyone from doing much else, anybody could post online or email their county officials, helping local and global communities long-term.

The next meeting will be held on May 8th, and the new co-presidents will be leading. Kathryn will have the Zoom code on that Friday, and the link will be on the Global Lens Instagram account as well. Stay safe, stay inside, and wash your hands! Hope to see you there!

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