A Word From Dr. Thomas

Dr. Thomas, the guest speaker at the Goal 3 Global Lens Club meeting, wrote the following post:

I had the pleasure of meeting the members of the Global Lens Club on an early Friday morning to discuss the role that young adults can play in international health campaigns. I am a Pediatrician working in Hendersonville for the last 18 years, but I have always had an interest in international aspects of health care. I spent time working in Guatemala and Honduras, and I also work in a setting with an international community here in town. I shared some stories of my work with the group, but I also invited them to find their own role in health projects.

I talked about how important the energy of youthful exuberance can power a group of health professionals visiting a devastated area during a weather disaster or a church mission trip. I invited students to look at organizational expertise that a career in the military or business management skills can provide to a nonprofit international organization working in the area of health care. During my short talk, I even tried to have patients interested in tech or engineering careers imagine a future in product development that would have an impact in international health. I brought up the idea of the “Nanopatch”, a new vaccine delivery device that is 100 times more effective than needle-based vaccines for a reduced cost. Developed in Australia, this technology has proved effective for Human Papilloma Virus and new studies have proved effectiveness against polio. There is a role to make an impact meeting health goals for all sectors of future career paths, even venture capital investment.

I hope I was able to inspire the members of the club as they were considering the UN SDG goals regarding international health goals. But is was more fascinating to see the group respond to the Jeopardy game based on health statistics. Wow, what competition. Can’t wait to hear about the next meeting.

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Kathryn and David posing in Global Lens Shirts!

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