Hi, my name is Kathryn, I am a Girl Scout Ambassador from Western North Carolina. I have been in Girl Scouts for the past 12 years, and now I am working towards my Gold Award. The Gold Award is the highest award a Girl Scout can earn, and requires a minimum of 80 hours towards a project that will benefit one's community in a sustainable manner.  ​


This past March while I was serving as a delegate for GSUSA at the United Nation’s 62nd Commission on the Status of Women I attended a side event hosted by the Working Group on Girls and Girls Learn International.  At this event there was a panel of girls discussing the clubs they were involved in or had helped to found, topics of these clubs ranged from Feminism to Sexual Assault Awareness and Prevention, etc. My brain then began to spin, and I realized that my school does not have anything of this nature available to students. We have no outlet for young activists to share their beliefs in a safe space, and to enact change in our community that would later benefit the world.  Problems that our global community currently faces are left out of standard classroom curriculums, therefore, we do not have any means to learn about these issues and to discuss them with peers, other than social media.  An outlet of this sort is essential to the development of our voices, which will assist us in making a change as both youth and adults. ​


I decided that filling that void would make a great Gold Award Project, as it addresses topics that I am deeply passionate about. The Global Lens Club at HHS will include bi-monthly meetings that cover topics such as the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals, Child Marriage, how to become advocates, and more. Going beyond learning about these issues, the club will take part in service learning opportunities that help our world come closer to reaching these goals. These projects will include but are not limited to: a Rise Against Hunger event, the building of a “Little Library”, and a river/trail cleanup. After both having discussions and then taking action on these global issues, we as a club can begin to develop a new lens to look at the world with, form influential voices to tackle these global problems, and grow into global citizens.  


Hi, I am Kathryn! I am the founder of the Global Lens Club at HHS, and an active Girl Scout Ambassador working towards my Gold Award. I have been involved in Girl Scouts since Kindergarten and served as a delegate for GSUSA at the 62nd commission on the status of women. I am also the Media Specialist for Henderson County and serve on the Media Girls team for the GS Carolinas Peaks to Piedmont Council. 

Meet the Global Lens Team 🌎🎉💫 ☆ ☆ MAD
Meet the Global Lens Team 🌎🎉💫 ☆ ☆ MAD
Maddi - Treasurer
Madison- Secretary
Ms. Eblen

Jessica Eblen grew up in Western North Carolina and attended HHS. She received a tennis scholarship to University of North Carolina Greensboro where she majored in Political Science. She graduated in 2010 and moved to Austin, Texas working for a local non-profit, Texas Campaign for the Environment as a community organizer. Jessica has always had a passion for social justice and cultural awareness.  After a year of knocking on doors, she moved to Germany and Ireland to live with the locals and learn about the world. Shortly after her stint in Europe, Jessica was hired to teach English in South Korea. She taught English in the small fishing village, Tongyeong, for two years. Jessica is entering her fourth year teaching High School Social Studies. She strives to be in a constant state of learning and hopes she inspires her students to do the same.

Meet the Global Lens Team 🌎🎉💫 ☆ ☆ CAR
Caroline - Public Relations
Meet the Global Lens Team 🌎🎉💫 ☆ ☆ KAT
Katie - Environmental Cohort Director